Summer work for children

Vestman companies have a certain assumption and intention to contribute a specific part of income back to the community from its main fields of activities which are purchase and management of forest land and arable lands.

The forest and arable lands that we manage are naturally located in the rural districts and thus our interest is just to support the daily life and development of rural districts. To find a sector requiring support that would closely or indirectly link with our activities and the implementation of which would have as big impact as possible – tens of hours were spent on research for that purpose.

We wish to surely support the projects related to children and young. The first idea was to support hobby education and the projects related to leisure activities. We met the youth and social workers of several local governments. We carried out the workshop. As a result of all this it occurred that hobby education has a nice financial support by the local governments and the parents have to cover just a small part of the total expenses.

Though it was repeatedly pointed out as a drawback that children miss the possibility of organized work for summer period which would also enable to earn pocket money. Some districts had their own youth worker who was ready to guide the children during summer, but there were no means for organizing summer camp. It is also quite difficult to find the entities providing work for children.

Here AS Põlluvara, the company of Vestman, could support the organization of summer work and rest camps all over Estonia already during four summers. We hope that next summer the farmers as the lessees of arable lands, our cooperation partners, could also reach out their helping hand and offer job opportunities for children from the work camp.