It is good to do good
Good is good to be done

We gain income mainly in the rural districts and we have decided to leave a part of it on site, we support the improvement of study environment of children and making the possibilities of hobby activities available.

According to the company’s principles of philanthropy and charity we have divided support trends into different sectors and the cooperation with the associations to be supported has dominantly lasted for years.

Education, child labour education, methods for spending leisure time:

  • Viljandi Education Development Fund
  • Alumni Association of Hugo Treffner Gymnasium – competition of five schools in sciences;
  • MTÜ YFU Eesti;ASSE Eesti MTÜ;
  • Summer work and rest camps for children in Järva-Jaani, Roosna-Alliku, Koeru, Ambla, Tapa, Vaivara, Kuremaa, Halliste, Kõpu, Tarvastu and Suure-Jaani;
  • Viljandi Music  School;
  • Youth Council of Viljandi rural municipality;
  • MTÜ LoovHA – educational experiment of ideal school.


Spiritual education

  • Estonian Lutheran Church Support Fund;
  • Construction of Lilleoru open training centre.



  • SA Noored Olümpiale;
  • Tääksi sports Club;
  • Sakala Ski Club;
  • Tartu Football ClubTammeka;
  • Paide Basketball Club 7;
  • Viljandi Wrestling Club Tulevik;
  • Biathlonists Kail and Han Hendrik Piho;
  • Track and field athlete Ott Martens;
  • Motorsportsman Kevin Saar.



  • ON Teater – „Bow the flags“, the performance staged for the 100th anniversary of Sakala Malev
  • Play of MTÜ Temufi  “Lembitu – the king without the kingdom“.

The stipend of adult student has been granted since 2014 in Luua Forestry School for the memory of Ain Jürisoo, our too early passed away chief forest district manager.


In cooperation with the foundation Brittannia we have supported the following major projects:

  • Innovative study programme Live History;
  • Viljandi Science School for young people;
  • Entrepreneurship development programme for the young of Viljandimaa;
  • MTÜ Viljandimaa Tervist Edendavad Lasteaiad.