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Vestman Group

Land, fire, water and air – the world consists of four elements according to different philosophers and religions. The activities of Vestman (the former name Maa ja Talu) started in 1995 intertwine with all these elements.

There is nothing without nature- nature is the basis of everything.
Without nature there is no retrieval, religion, education, culture. Nothing spiritual or material. 
And without nature, one person does not have a road to another.
Fred Jüssi
Osoon 19.02.2018, Estonian Public Broadcasting

Fields of activities

Our focus changes in the same pace with the surrounding world. If the main concern of the mankind is the food and energy supplies and polluted living environment, the current activities of the companies of Vestman Group thus also focus on these topics.


We lease out arable lands, give advice and help to find the best solution based on the partner’s needs.


Our vision is to be a sustainable forest manager on one of the Estonian largest private forest possession.


We think about the climate change and follow conscious principles to make our contribution for improving the situation.

  • Green innovation
  • Renewable energy
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Do You want to sell a forest or arable land? 

Or do You need financing secured by the mortage of land?

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