Green innovation

Vestman invests in start-ups that take care of the earth, the climate and thus the future of humanity. We strive to contribute to solutions that are anti-fragile to a changing future.

We pay the most attention to companies that operate in Vestman’s main areas: forestry, agriculture, use of natural resources and renewable energy. Due to climate change, it is important to us that the startups we invest in help reduce humanity’s ecological footprint. It is very welcome if the business models being developed include natural solutions.

We want our land and energy production portfolio to benefit from synergies with start-up investments.

Vestman’s value proposition for start-ups

Vestman has been operating for 25 years, and in finding a common language, we are a long-term cooperation partner for start-ups on their journey.

For startups operating in the same sectors as us, in addition to capital, we can offer our own team’s advice, network and land, and for energy teams, if possible, piloting.

As usual, we prefer to see the contribution of other investors to the financing of the start-up.

We are open to ideas and offers to invest in green technology startups. Write us

Vestman’s innovation portfolio