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How is the forest land sold?

Sale of forest land

The forest land is considered to be the land unit with the area of at least 0.1 hectare pursuant to law where the woody plants with the height of 1. 3 metres grow and their crowns have joined at least 30 percent. The taxation of the sale of forest land depends on how the forest land has been acquired or obtained.

What does the forest land cost?

The price of forest land depends foremost on the type and age composition, volume, growth site type and access. To assess the value of the specific forest, the latter needs to be reviewed and estimated in nature.

How does the owner learn about the value of his/her forest?

The forest management plan provides a good overview of the value of the forest property to the owner. The plan is drawn up for 10 years and it gives a detailed overview of the value of one’s forest and necessary works. In case of some knowledge, it is also possible to calculate the price of one’s forest thanks to the plan. On the basis of the data proceeding from the plan the decision can be made to sell the forest as the cutting right or as the property.

To sell the cutting right or property?

By selling the cutting right the forest owner can earn income even later. This in case the part of the trees still remain growing or by planting new trees after cutting. Depending on the type of tree and growth site, it takes 30-100 years for the forest to become ready for cutting.
The sale of forest land is most profitable. The sale of forest land is a notarized act and the property is transferred to the purchaser after concluding the transaction. The purchaser transfers the money first to the notary’s deposit and the notary transfers the money to the account of the seller after the transaction has been finalized.

Who to ask an offer from?

It is always worth asking for comparative price offers when selling the forest property, this ensures higher and better price for the owner. The background survey should be also made for the company having made an offer. It is reasonable to avoid intermediaries who are often talked about in media. It is most easy to find out about their background by searching the company in internet.