AS Vestman Energia

Metsandus ja metsamaa müül
There is nothing without nature- nature is the basis of everything.
Without nature there is no retrieval, religion, education, culture. Nothing spiritual or material.
And without nature, one person does not have a road to another.
Fred Jüssi
Osoon 19.02.2018, Estonian Public Broadcasting

The focus of our business changes in the same pace with the surrounding world. If the main concern of the mankind is the food and energy supplies and polluted living environment, the current activities of the companies of Vestman Group thus focus on these fields.

Forest means raw material and energy, the importance of forest as a resource constantly increases in economy. One should not forget that this is one of the most important biocoenoses, being the “lungs“ of the mankind.
We grow and manage forests sustainably. We possess professional skills and advantages as one of the Estonian biggest private forest owners due to the long-term experience and operating in the cluster with other forestry companies.

The growing global population boosts the prices of food products. The latter ensures the future stable sales and increase of profit for the farmers. Also, the EU aids help the farmers to stay in the competition and make investments to the park of equipment.
Vestman, as the manager of lands, stands for the prudent agriculture and efficient use of the Estonian agricultural resource.

Responsible and green business
We believe that the companies following good practice and green principles of society have future potential. More and more people make purchase and consumption decisions not only by considering the trademarks and prices, but taking their activities and production principles into account. Vestman is open to responsible and innovative green investments by participating therein as an investor.



  • We manage the lands and forests prudently and environment-friendly.
  • We contribute with investments to the spread of green technologies and ideas.